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Visage d'été - Self-Tanning for face 50ml

This gel-cream textured self-tanning formula for the face provides the complexion with a natural golden-glow, whilst moisturising the skin.

Guinot Autobronzant Visage d'Été Summer Radiance Self-Tan is a self-tanning gel cream which gives an even, natural sunkissed look to all skin types. The moisturising active ingredients combined with a youth-renewing effect make Visage d'Été the 'healthy-look' treatment to be used all year round.

Key ingredients:
- DHA gives the skin a natural tanned look.
- Vitamin E neutralises free radicals.

Directions: Apply Guinot Autobronzant Visage d'Été Summer Radiance Self-Tan to the face and neckline, avoiding the eyebrows and the roots of the hair. Rinse hands thoroughly. Repeat the application every two to three days to maintain the tan.

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